[Weekly Writing Challenge] I Can’t Stand Myself.

To Mother,

I am having a problem, if you would call it so. It seems that I have played too many video games where you can solve every problem and save everyone. In reality, I can’t really do anything for the world I am living in.

When I watch television news, it is always the same news repeat all over again like old video tapes: terrorisms, crimes, murders, floods, famines, false advertisements, and never ending political arguments. Bangkok is lucky enough to be spared from most of these disasters, but I cannot help but feel ashamed of myself; ashamed of while other people are suffering, I am at home, surfing the internet and eat pasta; ashamed that I cannot do anything to help those people. Worse off, I began to hate television and radio, as they seem to provide nothing but bad news that I cannot do anything about them. The only reason that I have not thrown TV sets and radios at home out of the windows is because they are not mine. Am I being melodramatic? If so, I am sorry. I just need an advice, if you would give me one. Thank you.

Dear Son,

     I can understand that you are concerned of other people and wished to help them. First of all, you have to remember that real life is not idealistic as in the video games you have played, and you have to remember that you are a just a little part of the world. Therefore, it is impossible for you to solve every problem in the world.

     It is indeed a good thing to have a concern for others, but you should not burden yourself with the worry, since it may cause you bad mood and bad health. What you should do is calculating which problems and situations that you can end your hands to help. If it is possible for you to help others, please go ahead and do so. You can donate your food or money to the local charity or you can help picking up litter along the road you are walking in. If the situations are out of your reach; for examples, you cannot contact people from different countries as your, it is probably the best to just let it go. You are not the only person who is capable of solving problems, and it may be better to let the local handle things that you cannot. In addition, troubling yourself with problems that you can never help or solve will not really make anything better.

     Regarding radio and television news, it has to be noted that news are a part of your life. In this era, it is impossible to ignore them, as you need to know at least what is going on in your country and the world. You should listen or watch news once in a while, but you should not let the contents of the news trouble you.

     As I mentioned, if it is possible to help people in need, you should do so, but if you cannot, let it be; and finally, don’t hate news. I wish you have happy Halloween.